Specialist Networking Certification

How to Prepare for IST Certification



  • IST Practice Test – Results aggregated by domain to simulate score report format on actual exam 
  • IST Practice Test – Results include domain score and ability to review of each item showing the correct answer 

Fill Knowledge Gaps

There is a wealth of learning available to you to help you prepare for the real exam.

  • Integrated Systems Technician book
  • Advanced Residential Electronic Systems book
  • Classes by cable or equipment manufacturers which include may include sections on installation practices and cable properties
  • Technical schools with a low-voltage or electronic systems technician track.
  • Internal training classes taught by an employer or “on the job” training from a more experienced technician.


CEDIA exams are administered worldwide at Kryterion Global Testing Solutions test center locations and at select CEDIA events.

IST is also currently available to be taken from your own computer via Kryterion’s Remote Online Proctoring service. After purchasing your exam, this option may be selected instead of a test center.

Email certification@cedia.org if you have any questions about remote proctored exams.


Like the IST, these specialist certifications require 30 CEUs to renew which may be earned in a variety of ways during the 3-year term.

Unlike the IST, there is currently no renewal application or fee associated with these specialist credentials although the policies are subject to change as the certification are updated. Another difference from the IST is that ESC-N and ESC-D certification periods are automatically restarted to sync with a newly earned certification. The CIT and IST certification periods are fixed and will not change based on earning other certifications.